Settler Hives x Byron Bay Skincare

Autumn is officially here. To celebrate its arrival, we’ve teamed up with our wonderful friends at Settler Hives to give one lucky follower some Autumn essentials to prepare your skin and your garden for the cooler months ahead. 

A little bit about Settler Hives: 

Hayley and Roger Mason started Settler Hives out of a love for not only feel good products but ones that benefit our surroundings and help shape a positive culture of getting outside. 

Settler Hive’s offer a range of flowers, herbs and garden greens sourced from the best seed houses in the world. They believe that by feeding the bees, we are ultimately feeding ourselves. 

You can find their beautiful products on their website at ‘Settler Hives’. 

A little bit about the giveaway:

When the season's change, so does our skin. As the Summer to Autumn transition tends to leave us feeling a little dried out, we've included some of our favourite Byron Bay Skincare goodies that are perfect for giving skin that extra bit of hydration and love it needs. Inside you'll find: 

1 x Body Soufflé 

1 x Body Wash 

1 x Hydrating Lotion 

1 x Exfoliant & Mask 

Complete with a Byron Bay Skincare tote.

As well as two Autumn Seed sets from the Settler Hive collection. Inside each set is:

~ 7 Seed Packets

1 x Garden Greens: 'baby Spinach' & 'cucumber'

1 x Herbs: ‘parsley‘ & ‘mint’

1 x Cut Flower: ‘poppy Shirley’ & ‘sweet Peas’

1 x Wild Flowers: ‘foxglove’

To enter this giveaway, head over to our Instagram @byronbayskincare. This giveaway closes on Monday the 8th of March, so get in quick!

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