Whoops, Christmas is just around the corner, how did that happen? Whether you have left your gift shopping right up to the last minute or you just need a few stocking fillers we have your gifts sorted this year.


Help your teenagers feel just a little less awkward by avoiding those nasty breakouts. Gifting all natural skincare products will encourage a good healthy skin routine that will set them up for great skin for the rest of their life – I’m sure they will thank you later. Our recommendations for oily blemish prone skin would be Sultry Summer Skin Kit with additional Blemish Gel.

Mum, Mother in Law or even Grandma

Mothers… what would we do without them. Sometimes because they are always looking out for us they forget to take care of themselves. Remind these wonderful women to love oneself this Christmas and New Year. Gifting a skincare routine can help be a little daily reminder to love themselves.

We would recommend  Nourish Skin Set, Face Exfoliant & Mask, Body Crème

Dad, Father in law or Grandpa

Sometimes men need a little pampering too!  That’s why we have created a range of products with gender neutral aromas like Peppermint, Cinnamon and clove. We would recommend the Essentials pack or Sea Breeze Body Kit.

Unexpected Gift

No matter how organised you may be, there is almost always someone that just slipped your mind. Don’t worry we got your back. Stash away a Sea Breeze Body Kit, the perfect addition to anyone’s skincare routine. Or for that last minute unexpected guest a little something so they don’t leave empty handed the Travel Essential Packs often come in very handy.

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