We all do our best to consume a more natural diet, for our health, for for the environment and social responsibility but have you considered the side effects of your cosmetics? Thankfully we are now seeing a shift in consumer awareness and our bodies are thankful for it. We are now more commonly aware on the effects of cosmetics being more dramatic then we once considered. We now know that what we put on our skin doesn’t just effect the outside, it impacts the entire body as well as our environment. We were shocked (and Im sure you would be too) when we took a closer look into synthetics and its frankly found it little terrifying knowing what we have unknowingly been exposing our beautiful bodies and earth to.


Generally, synthetic ingredients are made to mimic those properties of natural ingredients that will achieve results in a faster and cheaper way. Though we may see results in the short term it’s important to consider the effect this is having in the long run. Your skin will stop functioning naturally (balancing oils, producing collagen and cleaning itself) as the chemicals are too strong and become reliant on these chemicals to do the job for it. What’s also really scary is the damage it can be doing internally, about 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies through a blood stream and throughout the entire body. This is an important fact to consider as an overwhelming majority synthetics found in cosmetics have not been deemed fit for human consumption in food and in many cases considered toxic and there have been many proven to cause a range of cancers.


Also these fast and cheap options for ingredients come at depressing impact to our earth. Some synthetic chemical components of many products don’t break down naturally and instead accumulate in our ecosystems. Cosmetics and personal care products do their most damage to the environment after they are washed down our sinks.


So how do you avoid these products? Keep it simple, bring that focus back on what we already know and have known for thousands of years, nature. Our products are formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients which we believe sets us ahead in current world cosmetic standards. We like to consider our skincare as food for the skin, only including ingredients that would put into our bodies to nourish and assist it to function as healthy and naturally as possible. We have chosen to produce a range that doesn’t just meet the standards, we have chosen to produce the best product possible to provide our customers with the key to beautiful healthy skin.


Our formula facts:

NO Mineral Oil
NO Silicones
NO Propylene Glycol
NO Fragrance
NO Polycyclic Musks
NO Animal by-products
NO Petrolatum / Paraffin Wax
NO Parabens
NO Ethanolamines
NO Synthetic Dye
NO Phthalates
NO Synthetic Retinol
NO Animal testing
NO Nature identical

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