K-FORMA x Byron Bay Skincare

This September, we’ve teamed up with the Italian pocket rocket Kika, founder of K-FORMA. We chat to Kika about how she creates her infectious, energetic attitude and what made her jump into the entrepreneur world of fitness.

How did your fitness and wellbeing journey begin?

I’ve been in the fitness field since I was five years old! I studied contemporary dance for 12 years in Rome, my home town. I moved to Australia in 2012, and my passion for fitness led me to become a full-time Fitness & Pilates instructor.

What ignited the fire to start K-Forma?

After years of training, I’ve learned that the key to feeling confident is in challenging your mind and body and proving to yourself you can do it - for you and only you. I created this collection of fitness accessories to represent who I am and how much I love to express myself through exercise. 

If we did only one thing for our bodies each day, what would it be?

Apart from exercise, swimming in the ocean and stretching. 

Do you have an evening ritual to set yourself up for a night of deep sleep?

I love using magnesium oil spray to relax my whole body and muscles before I go to sleep. 


What attracted you to Byron Bay Skincare?

I was drawn to Byron Bay Skincare because all their products are 100% natural, plant-based and made here in Byron Bay. Love it!

What is your go-to Byron Bay Skincare product and why?

My favourite products are the Body Wash and Body Soufflè.

What do you think contributes to your success?

I believe in action over excuses, in setting goals and sticking to them. In motivation, movement and leaning into the burn.  I believe in sweat. In building strength through struggle. I believe that dreams don’t work unless you do.


We are thrilled to be joining forces with Kika. Every Tuesday in September, you’ll find her live on our IG Page, whipping our butts into shape with a free 20-minute Pilates class.

On top of that goodness, anyone who purchases a Byron Bay Skincare product this month will go into the draw to win a private session with Kika and The Sweat Box. Sign me up!

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