A Voice Of Kindness And Equality

We recently caught up with the Animal Justice Party to hear about the amazing things they’re doing. Before we jump in, a little background on who they are.

The Animal Justice Party, as you guessed it, are total and utter animal lovers. They aim to focus public attention on and bring about change to the way humans at large treat animals and, as a result, are taking it right to the top of political decision making.

They value kindness, rationality, non-violence and equality.

Without further ado, let’s hear from the Animal Justice Party.

What is the Animal Justice Party doing?

The Animal Justice Party is Australia’s only political party actively campaigning at a government policy level against animal atrocities relating to wildlife destruction, factory farming, live export, companion and domestic animal abuse and the use of animals for sport and entertainment.

On Friday, 17 September, we will be holding our Annual Quiz night for both members and Non-members, to raise funds for the upcoming Federal and State Election in 2022.

How long have you been doing this for?

The Animal Justice Party was formed in 2009 to focus public attention and bring about change to the way humans treat other animal species as a result of political decision making.

Who’s involved? Tell us about your team.

Our Committee is led by very passionate volunteers who dedicate much of their spare time towards helping raise awareness about the Animal Justice Party. In South Australia, our branch is entirely volunteer-run.   

Why should we care?

Australian’s are frustrated by the lack of political action to assist the wellbeing of animals and to protect our planet. We are the party to change that. Australia needs laws and processes that recognise animals’ needs and capabilities and protect their interests, whether they are domestic, farmed or wild.

If you’d like to find out more about the Animal Justice Party or are interested in how you can help advocate for animal rights head to animaljusticeparty.org.

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