Getting Ready to Whale Watch

You know who really cares what your skin looks like? The majestic whales! They’re migrating up our Australian East coast to the warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef, and we’re going to impress them with our natural skin glow. But, who knows, maybe they’re human spotting.

How can our skin glow from such a distance? 

By nourishing our bodies and mind, we create the perfect balance of happiness, and that’s where all glow comes from. There and from the locally sourced goodness of the natural antioxidant, the Davidson Plum, of course. 

Where can we see the whales from?

The ultimate place to go whale watching is from our beloved Byron Bay Lighthouse. You can wander up the stairs from Wategos or do a full Lighty. That’s what locals call the walk to the lighthouse and back, usually from Clarkes Beach, but on sleepy days, we go from The Pass too. On incredibly weary days or days you have other stuff to do, you can drive up. Once you’re there, you get an enthralling view of the bay to the north AND south. The best place to wave to the whales from. 


Where can the whales see you from? 

You may have seen a whale or two, but how many have seen you? Now, this ain’t gospel, but we think they can see you from the shore. Once your toes touch the sand. They can see with more than their eyes; they feel all your vibrations. So, to be in the finest form for those magical moments, we prep with our two-in-one, Exfoliant & Mask. It’s packed with Jojoba Oil and Lychee Shell, which effortlessly invigorates that natural glow. (Shameless plug?)

When’s the best time?

Unlike your natural skincare routine, which works around your daily responsibilities, the best time to whale watch is on quieter days. The early morning scene in Byron Bay is happening, so don’t worry, you won’t be alone. But you will enjoy a serene atmosphere and calmer waters that make the splash of a whale tale more obvious. 

Who do you glow for?

It’s not the whales, is it? That’s a bit ridiculous. It’s not anyone else. It’s you. You take a moment to deliver nutrients to your skin because it feels good. The fact you look good too is an extra bonus. 


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