Detoxify Your Skin & Body After The Silly Season

Our skin is a reflection of our toxic load. What we put on it and in it can help to rid the body of anything that may have (ahem!) crept in during the silly season.

It’s easy to let our usual routines fly out the window during the summer break. This often leads to more time in the sun with heavy sunscreen and zinc on, a few too many festive drinks with the girls and eating more takeaway and processed foods than usual. Not to mention the stress of rushing from one place to another.

Fortunately for us, nature is undeniably abundant in offering natural plant-based options to help kick the sugar cravings and transform our skin back to its natural glowing state.

Here are some wonderful detoxifying ingredients to look out for that will help your skin transform from a tired-looking “oh no!” to a vibrant and youthful, radiant glow.


This miraculous culinary spice is famed for its use as a blood sugar stabiliser, essential for preventing and managing diabetes and insulin sensitivity. A sprinkle of Cinnamon on your breakfast, morning coffee or blended into a smoothie can help reduce sugar cravings.

But its uses and benefits don’t stop in the kitchen. When applied topically, Cinnamon’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties help heal those dreaded acne breakouts by supporting blood flow, unclogging pores, and enhancing oxygen supply on the skin’s surface, creating softer and more supple skin.

Cinnamon may also help to reduce the signs of ageing. Those fine lines and wrinkles can often result from Glycation End Products (AGEs), making the skin more susceptible to sun damage. Cinnamon helps slow down the formation of these AGEs, helping you appear younger for longer. 

Combined with citrus in our Body Souffle and Body Wash, you can feel the immediate gifts of pure and revitalised skin.


Nothing feels more soothing after a long day than winding down with a warm cup of chamomile tea. But this magnificent flower is also very nurturing for the skin, as it contains potent antioxidants that improve circulation. It works wonders in flushing toxins from the body, helping to brighten the complexion and reduce acne breakouts via its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.

Yet possibly its most popular skin benefit comes from the plant’s flavonoids (a type of antioxidant), which significantly reduce melanin activity, helping to lighten discolourations, fade dark spots and freckles, reduce the signs of long-term UV damage and even out skin tone. The other superpowers of chamomile include its role in wound healing and relief of the itch associated with eczema and psoriasis.

Combined with Aloe Vera, our Instant Relief is the perfect product to help soothe, replenish and moisturise sore skin after too much fun in the Australian summer sun.

Willow Bark 

Whenever I think of sitting underneath a willow tree, I imagine being overcome with feelings of relaxation and healing – so it makes perfect sense that the bark derived from this graceful tree would offer such great wonders for the complexion. Willow Bark contains a bitter compound called salicin (a gentler form of salicylic acid) and has been used for centuries to provide relief against pain and irritation.

You can drink Willow Bark tea, add the powder to smoothies or in 
a distilled tincture form from a herbalist.

Ideal for sensitive skin, its high concentration of salicin helps to gently exfoliate and calm redness and aids in cell regeneration. Meanwhile, the extract refines pores by keeping the skin tight, making pores appear smaller and reducing oil production for fewer acne breakouts. Yes, please!

Found in our Gel Cleanser and Blemish Gel with Tea Tree Oil, Willow Bark provides the magical touch to bless you with a more refreshed, youthful and radiant-looking appearance.  

Kakadu Plum

Like many of our native Australian ingredients, this superfood has been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal people for healing purposes and is a sought-after component in any skincare product. With one hundred times as much Vitamin C as an orange, this incredible fruit helps neutralise and remove impurities from the skin, enhances collagen production and improves skin elasticity.

Kakadu Plum is particularly great for those prone to skin blemishes and breakouts. Its unique blend of antioxidants (including gallic acid and ellagic acid) work to minimise redness, soothe irritations, and restore the skin's natural barrier. It may also reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scarring. 

You can add Kakadu Plum powder or syrup to your smoothies or baked goodies. It has a tart flavour, taste test as you go.

Found in our Vitamin C+ Serum, this is the ultimate complexion booster, containing a superior blend that helps hydrate, smooth and plump dry or dull skin.

Kick start the detoxification process with these helpful tips, and be sure to drink plenty of water to help your liver flush out any remaining toxins.


Written by Zanna Taeni

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