Heading to Splendour this weekend? Don’t worry about your look, it’s all about the music right?

Ahh…no. Having great festival hair and keeping fresh faced is a key element to enjoying your days amongst the crowds listening to good tunes.

With dodgy showers, no hair straighteners in sight and no plush bed to get your beauty sleep you need to be prepared to face the music festival head on! Follow our advice to ensure you roll out of your tent (if you make it there) looking like Kate Moss at her festival best!

Beauty prep prior to your music festival adventure

A little prep can go a long way when it comes to surviving Splendour. This is the time you want to spoil yourself with a soaking bath and give your skin a good exfoliation. 

To ensure your face is glowing and refreshed do an exfoliation-hydrating mask at home the night before kick-off. Remember to follow that up with a good layer of moisturiser, particularly if you have dry skin.

Work the natural face look

Music festivals are a time to embrace the no-makeup look. Try wearing as little make-up as you can possibly bear without freaking out. This is not the time to layer on thick foundation and spend hours working on making your eyes pop.

Sweat and grime will ruin your look and create a smudge-fest. If you can’t fathom heading into public with your face naked, apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF to even out your skin tone. And if mascara is a must, make sure it is waterproof to keep it from streaking down your cheeks.

A little tinted cheek and lip colour can go a long way to reviving your look at Splendour. And don’t forget to pack some refreshing cleansing wipes as washing your face with your favourite cleanser just isn’t going to happen at the end of the day.

Generally there isn’t an abundance of mirrors at Splendour, so to avoid standing in the queue every half hour to touch up your make-up, embrace your Au naturale side.

Tam your crazy festival hair

Limited access to icky showers and no hair dryers or straighteners in sight is all part of the music festival experience. The key to ensuring your hair holds up for the duration of the event is to keep it low maintenance! Think beach style waves, loose pony tails, hippy plaits and braids and messy up dos.

For a multi-day festival your best bet is to keep your hair up, particularly with this year’s weather forecast of constant rain! But if that isn’t your style, enjoy wearing your hair out with some sea salt spray to create beach style loose waves as least for the first day.

Get creative on day two by playing with some loose plaits or a side braid. And if all is going haywire by day three, pull your hair back into a loose top knot. Add a headscarf or band to complete your look and provide a pretty, coloured distraction from the disaster underneath.

Remember to pack plenty of hair ties and some dry shampoo to deal with the dirt and sweat particularly if you don’t quiet make it to a shower. If all else fails, put on a hat. Just make sure it matches your outfit!

Ditch the heals and summer frocks

You might be looking fresh faced and have the perfect hair, but that won’t keep the festival from ruining your look if you don’t dress accordingly. With the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a rainy and cold few days, this is the time to ditch the sandals and flowing dresses and opt for gumboots and jumpers! Layering is the key and be prepared to dance hard in the mud to keep warm!  

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