It’s time to get your summer body banging. The weather is heating up and no doubt you already have your summer exercise routine underway, but what about your skin? It’s the biggest organ in your body. Apart from it’s vital function to protect what’s on the inside from everything on the outside, healthy skin looks so damn pretty. Here are 4 tips you need to know now, to prep your skin for summer and achieve an all over sexy body skin glow.


Choose the Right Body Wash


Most of us wash our body at least once a day (we hope!). Sometimes we can overlook what’s inside our fave skincare products, favouring what smells the best, rather than what’s right for our skin type. Your body wash is more important than you think. Most body cleansers contain synthetic fragrances and abrasive chemicals that are hash on the skin and leave your body feeling dry. Ditch the toxins and choose a 100% natural option like Byron Bay Skincare’s Body Wash with Cinnamon & Clove. With anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile flowers and refining White Oak Bark extract, revitalise tired skin and gently purify the completion with this all over, plant based body cleanser. Sweet orange citrus notes with delights of cinnamon oil rejuvenate body and smell delicious! Lather up


Exfoliate for clearer, smoother skin.


A gentle scrub removes, dead, flaky skin from your body to prevent blemishes and a dull appearance. Use a loofah or natural body exfoliant twice weekly in the lead up to summer. A gentle exfoliant is a great addition to your morning skincare routine. It clears the skin of dirt and debris before you apply moisturiser or SPF, which lasts longer when the skin has been exfoliated.




Your skin needs moisture to survive baby. That means drink water and moisturise every day post clean. Try our Byron Bay Skincare Body Crème. 100% natural, with no hidden nasties and packs a punch when it comes to skin hydration. Enriched with nourishing Coconut Oil and indulgent Shea Butter, our Body Crème deeply conditions and soothes the appearance of dry skin. This romantic floral blend of Gardenia Flower and Desert Rose provides a tranquil sweet aroma transporting the body to a relaxed harmonious state. Apply lavishly to dry skin and massage all over your body until absorbed.


Be Sun Smart


This one is no surprise. To keep skin healthy, you need to apply a generous amount of SPF every day. There is nothing cool about being mayor of sunburn town. We suggest applying a natural sunscreen to all areas of exposed skin on face and body, every morning post moisturisation. Carry a travel size sunscreen with you to reapply every two hours at the beach, by the pool, or simply walking outdoors or when having lunch in the sun. If by chance, and it happens, you do get sunburnt, use Byron Bay Skincare Instant Relief with Aloe Vera and Chamomile Flower. Formulated to cool, nourish and calm discomforted skin, this active heal gel immediately helps soothe and return lost moisture to sun damaged or irritated skin.

Summer is the perfect time to go makeup free and take in the warmer temperatures. Keep your skin moisturised and don’t let the silly season throw off your skincare routine. Here’s to longer days, balmy nights and radiant skin!

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