Winter can cause havoc to luscious locks. The scalp is prone to greater dehydration in the cold, and intense indoor heat can make hair brittle. Say hello to split ends, hair breakage and that dreaded winter fuzz. We want you to look FABULOUS all year round, so here are our best tips and tricks to prevent winter hair damage. Read on for more.


Avoid Over-styling


Reduce heat-styling in winter where possible. Yes, we love our hair curler too, but adding heated tools to your hair routine in winter can increase your chances of split ends. Why not shake things up a bit and go all natural for the snow season? Braids are back, so too the French twist. Give your hair some time off with a casual ponytail, messy top knot or just straight up, messy bed hair? Natural is best. Save the tongs for special occasions only, or reduce use to twice weekly.


Moisturise Your Scalp


We know, sounds weird, right? Dry winter air can cause the scalp to dehydrate and itch. Without treatment, this can lead to DANDRUFF and no one wants that. If you feel an itch, hydrate your head! Slowly massage your scalp with olive oil to moisturise and nourish hair follicles once a month. Leave overnight and wash out the next morning. This prevents the scalp from dehydrating and improves blood circulation. You’ll look great and might think smarter too!


Wash Less


Reduce frequency of washing to half. Using too much shampoo on the hair can dry it out, so less is best. We suggest washing once every 3 – 4 days, as opposed to once every 2 days in summer. If hair starts to look greasy between washes, opt for a dry shampoo to soak up the natural oils, without stripping the hair completely.


Condition Well


Conditioning becomes super important to your hair care routine in winter. Leave your conditioner in for 2 – 5 minutes to moisturise effectively, deep at root level. Rinse with cool water. Cool water seals in the moisture, and the added conditioning time leaves your hair feeling smooth and shiny.


Go Natural


Our Herbal Hair Care combines natural stimulating blends of plant extracts that revitalise and nourish your hair. 100% toxin and Sulfate free, choosing natural hair care products will ensure no chemicals come into contact with your hair or scalp.


Our Herbal Shampoo is formulated with plant derived cleansers that gently purify the scalp & hair, while Argan oil aids in protecting and restoring a healthy, natural shine. With local Tea Tree, Peppermint and Rosemary oil, it smells delicious and really works. Apply a small amount to wet hair and lather gently over scalp and through hair length. Rinse well and repeat if required. For best results, follow with Herbal Conditioner.


Byron Bay Skincare’s Herbal Conditioner is formulated with nutrient rich Coconut and softening Argan oil. This creamy conditioner will help restore strength and shine from roots to tips. Post shampoo, massage a small amount of Herbal Conditioner into wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. For an extra moisture boost, use as a once weekly treatment, leaving in the hair for 10 minutes, for and all natural shine.

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