It’s getting warmer! 2 more weeks of winter, but who’s counting? When the season’s change, so should your skin routine. During the warmer months, our skin holds more water, which means you don’t need to use as much product to keep it hydrated. That’s right, you can simplify your daily skin prep, and spend more time in the sun (sunscreen protected of course) WIN! Here are our top spring skin tips for normal, dry and oily skin types. Enjoy the warmer weather.




Update your skin care products to start the spring season glowing and rejuvenated. When in doubt, toss it out. Go through your cosmetics, sunscreens and skincare products and throw out what has been around for too long. Remember this rule of thumb: anything that you apply near your lips or eyes should be tossed out after one year. Anything past it’s used by date goes in the bin. Refresh your products in one go at


Exfoliate more. Just like you clean up your winter wardrobe, clean up your winter skin. Bring out its brightness by exfoliating to remove old layers of skin and help products absorb better. Swap your cleansers. As you bid farewell to cold weather, introduce different cleansers into your skin routine. Keep three categories of cleansers in mind: creamy, foaming and gel. Like heavy moisturisers, cream cleansers leave a residue of fats on the skin. That’s good for you in winter because you have a compromised skin barrier, but you don’t need this in spring.


Opt for gel as the weather warms up. Try our Byron Bay Skincare Gel Cleanser with Tea Tree and Willow Bark. Gently cleanse and exfoliate the tender skin on your face and neck without causing redness or over-drying. Shop online now. 


Oily or blemish prone?


Lighten your load. Come spring, it’s time to swap heavy formulas for lighter lotions, especially for oily skin types. Certain products can weigh you down, especially in humid weather. Opt for all natural products, eliminating toxins that clog pores and kick-start excessive oil production. Our Gel Cleanser with Natural Willow Bark extract effectively rids pores of dirt, oil and makeup, while Tea Tree Oil provides antiseptic properties that let you wash away germs, grime and bacteria that cause blemishes. Follow with our Blemish Gel, applying a small amount directly onto blemished areas to reduce inflammation and redness. Finish with Byron Bay Skincare’s Hydrating Lotion. A light moisturiser that restores skin’s softness and elasticity naturally with Avocado Oil and Hempseed Oil. Light enough not to clog pores, hydrating enough to provide a lasting silkiness.




If you’ve got dry skin, it’s important to pamper it with the right facial cleansers, moisturisers and face masks. Use our gentle Cream Cleanser with Jojoba and Macadamia Oil, morning and night for all day skin suppleness and tone. 100% natural, this cleanser will effortlessly wash away impurities that can leave your skin looking rough, dry and tired. Macadamia and nourishing Coconut Oil combine to cleanse the skin while enhancing its natural hydration barrier against dirt and grime. Follow with Byron Bay Skincare’s Replenishing Cream for a fresh burst of nutrition. If dry skin is still looking a little dull post-winter, add in our Exfoliant & Mask after cleansing once a week. This versatile and innovative product acts as a 2 in 1, performing as both an exfoliant and weekly cleansing mask. The creamy scrub is formulated with nourishing Jojoba Oil to replenish the skin, while grounded Lychee Shell gently removes dead skin cells, dirt and grime. A perfect 10-minute facial in a jar, skin will feel revitalised, smoother and brighter, without losing natural oils.

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