Australian seasons go from one extreme to another, our skin suffers from the bitterly cold and dry winters to blisteringly hot and clammy summers. With the arrival of spring our jackets, boots and scarfs peel away, exposing once again our skin to the world. This is time we want it to feel and look as healthy as ever.  It’s time to refresh and revitalise that skin in time for those warmer months.

Face - Exfoliate

Bring that glow back to your skin after a long winter,  the first step is to scrub away all dead skin cells caused by dry skin. Treat yourself to a 10 minute facial in a jar by trying our Exfoliant & Mask with Jojoba Oil & Lychee Shell. Apply a thin layer to skin and leave till dry to really draw those impurities out of your pores. Once dry with wet finger tips, scrub gently in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells, dirt and grime, rinse thoroughly. We have carefully formulated this Exfoliant & Mask to leave your skin feeling revitalised and instantly smoother, brighter and softer. It will also help to reduce any redness, protect against environmental damage and tighten the pores - without removing your natural oils. 


Face- Moisturise


The second thing to consider when heading into the warmer months is are you using the right moisturiser? It is important to take note of the changing seasons and how your skin is changing along with them. Do you find that as it gets warmer your facial creams start to have a heavier feeling and your skin complexion may at times feel a little oily? During winter our skin endures harsh drying conditions, to combat dry and damaged skin  we indulge ourselves in rich creams and oils that provide extra moisture to the skin. Come spring it’s time to let our skin breath, you can help your skin do this by changing from a cream to a lighter lotion (lotion being water based). Our Hydrating Lotion with Davidson Plum and Hemp Seed Oil will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and lightly scented with out that heavy feeling that will leads to blocked pores.

Body - Hydrate

If we are considering changing our facial moisturiser we should definitely consider changing our body cream. To avoid that greasy, slimy feeling on those 30+ degree days try our Body Soufflé featuring macadamia oil which is so close in structure to the skin's natural oils that readily absorbs into the skin, increasing skin elasticity and suppleness. Oh, it also smells deliciously of Cinnamon and Clove! Yum!

With such vast changes in our seasons, it’s important to pay attention to the changes it causes to our skin so we can adapt and keep a balanced, healthy complexion.

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