How To Transition To Natural Hair Care

Making the switch to natural hair care can feel scary. You’ve been using natural skincare for a while, and your skin loves the change. For some reason, transitioning to natural hair care feels like a big jump.

We debunk the myths, step you through the detox phase, and share top tips for getting the best results from your natural hair care.

Why switch to natural hair care?

Conventional hair care products contain sulphates, silicones and sometimes even parabens. That’s not to mention the list of other chemical-based ingredients that are too long to go into. Nevertheless, they can make your hair feel squeaky clean, soft, and frizz-free in the short term.

Over time, these conventional chemical-based ingredients build up, creating a layer on the scalp and hair, like a shower that hasn’t been cleaned in a while and can irritate the scalp, weaken the hair, and harm the environment.

What happens in the detox phase?

When you stop using conventional shampoos and conditioners with synthetic cleansing, conditioning, and foaming agents, you might experience a 2-3 week detox phase. This is because your natural shampoo and conditioner have to chip away at removing the build-up of sulphates, silicones and parabens on the scalp and hair.

Once this build-up is removed, you will experience an improved lather from your natural shampoo that is still gentle on your scalp and hair. 

Our Herbal Shampoo is formulated with plant-derived cleansers to gently purify the scalp and hair, whilst Peppermint and Tea Tree stimulates your hair follicles to help in the growth of new hair and prevents hair loss.

Until now, if you've used conditioners with silicones, your hair strands have felt sleek because of the surface-build up. Once the build-up is removed, the hair strands will take a while to restore their natural, smooth feel.

Formulated with nutrient-rich Coconut Oil and softening Argan Oil, our creamy Herbal Conditioner will aid in restoring strength and a healthy shine from the roots to the tips. 

How do you get the best results from your natural hair care?

We recommend shampooing twice during each wash, especially during the detox phase. This will improve the cleansing results, and you will feel an improved lather on the second application.

Most hair types will see the best results when washing every two days. However, once you’ve moved through the detox phase, you can play with reducing the days between washes.

​​Make sure to rinse the hair thoroughly to remove any excess product. Natural hair care can take longer to rinse than conventional hair care because they don’t contain sulphates that quickly dissolve oils.

If your hair feels like it could use some extra hydration after washing, apply a small amount of the Herbal Conditioner to towel-dried tips before styling.

Regular brushing with a high-quality bristle brush will help distribute the natural oils from the scalp along the hair strands, and this will help restore the scalp’s natural oil balance.

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