If hair could grow at the snap of our fingers, that would be a miracle…

I do believe in miracles, but unfortunately speeding up the hair growth process isn’t as easy as that. So how do you do it?

Argan oil.

Extracted from the kernels of the argan tree which is native to Morocco, argan oil is widely favored for its miracle cosmetic use. It’s packed with nutrients and fatty acids that are greatly beneficial to the skin and hair.

On top of that, it also has the power to help hair grow! Your ends need to be moisturized and strong, and your roots need to be nourished with the right vitamins for it to grow. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, which contains antioxidants that encourage hair growth. In addition, it is an excellent moisturizer to fight split ends, leaving you with soft and healthy hair.

Normally you would have to source and combine Argan oil to your hair routine, but lucky for you our Herbal Shampoo and Herbal Conditioner are jam-packed with Argan oil!

With Argan oil being the featured ingredient, Herbal Hair Care combines the natural stimulating blend of local Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Rosemary oil to revitalise, nourish, and fortify the hair.

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