Skincare Routine For The Cooler Months

Autumn has arrived. With the humidity at an all-time high here in Byron Bay, it's hard to believe that the cooler weather is on the way. As the seasons shift, the requirements of our skin change to adapt to the cooler environment.

Cooler weather can cause our skin to become dry, flaky and inflamed. For a dewy, hydrated complexion this autumn and winter, it’s time to consider more moisturising hydration and cell renewal products.

Keep reading for our essential skincare tips for the cooler weather.

Change isn’t always a good thing

While changing your skincare routine for the season is recommended, too much can cause your skin to flare. Before adapting your skincare, assess your skin. Does your skin feel flaky or dry? Are your lips chapped? Do you see fine lines? If you answered yes to these, it’s time to adapt your skincare.

Cream Cleanser or Gel Cleanser

Enhance the skin's natural hydration barrier against dirt and grime with the Cream Cleanser. Moisturising Macadamia Oil and nourishing Coconut Oil combine to cleanse the skin for all-day skin suppleness and tone.

If you experience breakouts, oily skin or an oily-combination skin type, the lightweight Gel Cleanser with Tea Tree and Willow Bark is better suited for your skin's requirements, even in the cooler months.

Remove dead skin cells

Dry, flaky skin can block pores and create breakouts, blackheads and dull skin. Gently exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and build environmental toxins.

The Exfoliant & Mask helps to reduce any redness, protect you against environmental damage and encourage cell renewal - without removing your natural oils. Suitable for all skin types. For a boost of hydration, leave it on as a mask for 10 minutes before exfoliating.

Replenishing Cream or Hydrating Lotion

Leave the skin feeling soft, silky and moisture-rich with the Hydrating Lotion. For dryer than normal skin, dehydrated skin or dry combination skin, restore your skin's elasticity and lost moisture with the Replenishing Cream. Made with nourishing Avocado Oil and Cocoa Butter to penetrate your skin deeply.

If you experience breakouts, oily skin or are an oily-combination skin type, you opt for the Hydrating Lotion during the day and apply the Replenish Cream as a night cream.

Apply your sunscreen

Cooler weather doesn’t mean the sun's skin-damaging rays have disappeared. UVA is still active and can cause signs of ageing and skin damage all year round. UVA even penetrates through windows. When outdoors or if you spend plenty of time in your car or sit next to a window most of the day, be sure to apply sunscreen.

Keep up your water

No matter the seasons, our body requires at least 2 litres of water to stay hydrated and push out any toxins. Unfortunately, your skin is often the first organ to take the hit when your water intake reduces and can lead to fine lines due to dehydration and dull skin. Increase your water intake, and you’ll notice a shift in your skin's appearance.

Herbal teas and warm water with a squeeze of lemon or orange is a great way to keep up your water intake and warm the bones during the cooler months.

These six tips can keep your skin hydrated and glowing well into spring. Share this post with a friend who loves skincare as much as you.

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