Navigating the skincare aisle can be overwhelming enough, let alone the struggle of then having to choose which products are best suited to your individual skin type. That’s is why we are here today to help steer you in the right direction. Starting with our Moisturisers, the Byron Bay Skincare Hydrating Lotion and Replenishing Cream. 

You may be thinking when buying a facial moisturiser ‘whats the difference between a Lotion and Cream’? Well the obvious answer is thickness though there are a few other features about both options that should definitely be considered when picking what is right for you. 

 As a general rule a lotion is a water based formula (hence why they are usually a thinner consistency). They may still include oils, however they tend to be watered down or lighter oils. Lotions therefore tend to be light-weight, non-greasy, and are more easily absorbed into the skin. Creams, however tend to have higher consistency of oils making them thicker in consistency. This allows the skin to be intensely hydrated and also creates a protective barrier on the skin preserve and stop natural oil depletion. 

As a general rule we break down skin types into the three most common categories; an oily, dry or combination complexion. We understand it can be more complicated than one of these three options, however this is a great place to start with when determining your ideal routine. Here is a guideline for finding the right facial moisturiser from our Byron Bay Skincare range. 

For Oily Skin:

People from all ages suffer from oily skin, not just the teens. Using a heavy moisturiser will leave oily skin users feeling even more greasy and often cause further breakouts. In order to prevent this it is important when making a choice for a lighter moisturiser, that we look for non-comedogenic oil ingredient based formulas. These will include oil ingredients that have the same or very similar oil concentration levels similar to our natural skins oil. This compatibility allows the lotion to replenish the skin with out clogging our pores and leaving a shiny or greasy feeling behind. To avoid this feeling we would recommend our Hydrating Lotion featuring Hempseed and Davidson Plum. The natural oil from the Hempseed has a comedogetic rating of zero and is packed with vitamin B,C and E that will repair and strengthen the cells. Also featuring Australian Native Davidson Plum (also a non-comdogenic ingredient) is an anti-inflammatory and is antioxidant rich. 

For Dry Skin:

For dryer skin we certainly don't need to avoid intensive oils, we need to embrace them. Skin type that are dry need nourishing oils to feed and combat dehydration. These intensive oils will also help to create a protective barrier in order to maintain hydration. Our Replenishing Cream is a formula that features Avocado Oil and Cocoa Butter. The Avocado Oil has high concentration of vitamin A, D and E as well as amino acids. It is easily absorbed into skin allowing to deeply nourish and soothe dry complexions. Cocoa Butter is well known for its intensive hydration properties, but just importantly it helps to create a barrier that assists dry skin by preventing moisture from escaping. 

For Combination Skin:

Now for those of you that don’t quite fit into those to categories it is important to take note of when you notice these traits and learn when to tend to the imbalances. It can be seasonal, environmental or even hormonal influences that change your skins completion. We recommend starting with the Hydrating Lotion and introducing the Replenishing Cream when required. A great tip is to use the lotion during the day and our Replenishing Cream at night to rejuvenate and restore lost oils. 

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